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You should justify your predictions and not simply state what you hope this product will look like. Stay updated via RSS. January 5, by proctor in Year 9 Homework. November 23, by proctor in Year 9 Homework. This tasks should be completed in pencil. Google Sketchup HW1 Posted: November 7, by proctor in Year 9 Homework. Task Answer the questions below in your exercise book and define the words, when asked in full sentences.

What is Google Sketchup and what does it let you create? Use your best handwriting and use the same colour pen throughout your homework. If you want to use diagrams draw them neatly in pencil. Think very carefully about your answers and explain them fully. Complete your homework in your exercise book. Get someone at home to look over your homework and check it before you come back to school.

Hand in your homework on time. October 17, by proctor in Year 9 Homework. Who were the target audience? Describe your presentation, what technology does it look at?

Where did you get your information from? How will your presentation help people understand the issue? Part 2 — Consider Now that you have made your movie can you list and explain the advantages and disadvantages of using Prezi and presentations for school projects? Part 3 — Evaluation List and explain the good and not so good features of the your presentations. If you were to make this movie again what improvements would you make?

Check at home before the half term and make sure you can access the website. October 4, by proctor in Year 9 Homework. Task Copy the table shown below into your exercise book it might help if your turn your book sideways.

This method can help you develop your knowledge in any subject and in any topic. Remember Complete all your work using your best handwriting. Make sure your homework has a title and date and that they are both underlined with a ruler. The table MUST be drawn in you exercise book with a pencil and ruler. Complete your homework to the best of your ability on the day it is given. Do not leave this task until the day before it is due. If you have a problem with your homework see your teacher before the task is due.

August 10, by proctor in Year 9 Homework. Task 1 Copy and complete the diagram found below in your exercise books. Task 2 The diagram below shows you a way of stepping through time and sequencing predicted events. For example, In this example the dates given are obviously fictional, however the most important part of this task is to realise that a realistic sequence of events will lead to a possible future technology.

Look at the example below. TASK 1 Copy and complete the above diagram into your exercise books. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. This assessment suite was developed at Blatchington Use them as diagnostics to show you where to put your teaching effort for best effect, and also A series of active and participatory introductory lessons to key components of the Double Award ICT in Year 7: Consolidate their knowledge and give them the best chance These resources will save teachers hours of trying A comprehensive look at ICT, its associated concepts and its use in other subjects to aid Some activities require access to a computer.

Higher level work is A well-balanced mix of discussion, ICT-room Internet Activities Helps students and teachers make the most of the wealth of on-line information available on the Internet.

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