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help with c++ coursework - code so far included.

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❶Enumerations are another way to make code easier to read. All the examples so far have been fragments.

C++ Coursework Help

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1A Computing Michaelmas Term

One of the most effective things to do in this situation is to use cout to print out the values of certain variables to help you diagnose where the problem is. Look there first before asking a demonstrator for help. Many more tips are in the Troubleshooting section.

Use cin short for " c onsole in put" to get values from the keyboard into variables. The variables need to be created beforehand. If they type an integer, it will be stored in the num variable. You now know enough to write your own programs. Save it as adding. I suggest you start by taking a copy of program1. Your function needs to Create 2 integer variables Ask the user to type in 2 integers Use cin to read the values into your variables Print an output line looking rather like this The sum of 6 and 73 is The curly brackets are used to show which code is run if the condition is true.

You can have many lines of code within the curly brackets. If you do this on our system with geany the compiler will say. Be careful to avoid mixed-type comparisons - if you compare a floating point number with an integer the equality tests may not work as expected.

You can combine comparisons using boolean logic. Suppose you want to run a line of code if num is between 3 and 5. Instead you need to use. The order of execution of mathematical operations is governed by rules of precedence similar to those of algebraic expressions.

Parentheses are always evaluated first, followed by multiplication, division and modulus operations. Addition and subtraction are last. The best thing, however, is to use parentheses brackets instead of trying to remember the rules.

Although addition, subtraction and multiplication are the same for both int egers and float s, division is different. You get a different result if the operands are defined as integers:. If at least one of the numbers is a real, the result will be a real. For repetitive tasks, use loops. Easiest is the while loop - code that repeatedly runs while some condition is true.

When the computer runs this particular while loop, it continues printing num and adding one to it while num is less than 11, so it prints the integers from 1 to When you write a loop, always make sure that it will eventually stop cycling round, otherwise your program might "freeze".

Save it as timestable. If you put the while loop example inside a main routine like the one above, your program will nearly be finished - all you need to do is change the cout line so that it not only prints the variable that goes from 1 to 10, but the rest of the line too.

The final number does, but it can be expressed in terms of the first number on the line. Most programs have many functions. You can think of them as a black-boxes generating output from their input. Execution of the function code ends when a return statement is reached. Though short, it illustrates what you need to do when writing your own functions. From now on, just about all your programs in every computing language you learn will use functions, so study this example carefully.

This timesBy7 function needs to be given an integer as input. In this example its output is immediately printed out. The code uses if and else which are quite easy to understand, I hope. You can read the " if " line as saying "if i is even, then do Read through the code until you understand it. We could do it many ways. We now have nearly all the code. To the right is an animation showing what happens when the program runs for a few cycles. Inside that routine it sometimes follows the if route and sometimes the else route, depending on whether the number is even or odd.

Adapt the previous example so that instead of identifying even numbers it identifies multiples of 3. Give the function a sensible name. Call the program multiplesof3. Arrays offer a way to do this as long as the variables are all of the same type. For example, if you want to store some integer information about each month in an array, you could use. The integers have the names month[0] , month[1] Array items are usually referred to as elements. Arrays and loops go well together. To set all the elements of the month array to 0, you could do.

A crash is likely. Then you can do the following to get a line of text from a file in this case a file called secretmessage and put it into a string in this case called message. This code includes a check to see if the file exists. If you have " int i; " in your main function and another " int i; " in another function the 2 i variables will be independent. The longer your programs become, the harder it will be to fix bugs and the more important it will be to write tidy code.

Here are some things to check. Your mission is to write a program called decode. Just try to decode the message, determining the appropriate N by trial and error. The message is in upper-case letters. Break the task into stages, checking as you go. Build and run the program.

Rather than manually having guess after guess changing N, recompiling and running until you get the answer try this. Your next task is to read the words in a file, find their lengths and print the frequency of word-lengths from 1 to Call the program wordlengths. By putting extra lines at the top of your file you gain access to further functions that have already been written.

Here are some examples. The numbers produced by the random routine are only pseudo-random. For more information about functions in general, see. You can calculate pi just by dropping a pen, as long as you drop it onto floorboards several times. If the pen is as long as the floorboards are wide, then pi will be roughly. This gives us the chance to do a simulation a common task in engineering. Take it stage by stage, compiling and testing as you go. Your program is likely to have the following layout - some included files, a prototype and 2 functions.

Now the bad news - there are 5 hotels along the first side of the board and you own none of them. What chance do you have of reaching the 2nd side without landing on any of the hotels? You add a star for each grade within the range on that row. Hi, my tutor has set a coursework for us and i need help with a small part of the coursework. A small program where some one tests new programmes or you can call it benchmarking: Basically there are 20 programmes and he sets them each of them mark out of The program should also display a histogram and each star represents a mark.

Any small help with coding and the layout will be greatly appreciated: Thanks for the reply mate anything helps. Oh might i ask, which IDE are you using? This topic has been dead for over six months. Start a new discussion instead.

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C++ coursework guidelines have been discussed, that will help the students to start the c++ coursework on their own and there will be some templates of C++ coursework help provided.

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Hi, my tutor has set a coursework for us and i need help with a small part of the coursework. A small.

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