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❶Most of the students complain of physical and mental health problems like:

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You do not have to pay any extra penny for this at all. Following are the benefits we offer our clients:. It is also one of the universities responsible to bring in a huge number of international students into the United States. It has a strong focus on internationalization. The university has a number of campuses around the world and it also has a very well structured study abroad program.

Among the thousands of students that the university boasts of, there are students from every corner of the world. The university has a great set of alumni that includes 37 Nobel Laureates, more than 30 Pulitzer Prize winners and also more than 30 Academy Award winners.

Besides this, the alumni include CEOs of Fortune companies, astronauts, heads of state, royalty, mathematicians, Olympic medalists and what not. The university has a huge number of courses for the students to choose from. For every course, the university receives a staggering number of applications every year. Yeshiva is one of the best universities in New York. The university has been improving on the rankings ever since its establishment. It is more than a hundred years old and has been providing a great quality of education to its students ever since.

It is one of the top research-focused universities in New York. When it comes to the number of students, Yeshiva is comparatively smaller than the other universities in this list.

It has only around eight thousand students. Just like New York University, this Yeshiva also has quite a few number of campuses which are spread across the Bronx, Manhattan, Queen Boroughs and also some in Israel.

Yeshiva also offers a good range of courses for the students to choose from and is fairly popular among the students. Many years, thousands of students apply to this university. All the universities listed so far on this list are private universities, but the City University of New York is the public university system of New York City.

It is the largest urban university system in the entire United States and is highly prestigious. It has been continuously ranked among the top universities in the world. The system is composed of 24 colleges which are spread across Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. This university system has a huge range of courses and boasts of a staggering , students.

The university has almost every course that a student can think of. Also, the university boasts of a huge network of internships and fellow programs. One of the biggest challenges that a student faces while studying abroad is managing daily expenses apart from the tuition fees. This management becomes even more difficult for the students if they come from comparatively economically weaker countries.

It is better to know everything that there is to know before actually landing up in the foreign land. If a student is not taking accommodation inside the campus, then the rent makes the biggest part of the expenses for a student.

Therefore, the students should make sure that they know about the rents in different areas of the city. Most of the universities in New York offer on-campus accommodation, which is the best place for the students to live if they want to live near their place of study. There are also housing options built for the students. This statement exactly reflects the diversity that this wonderful city possesses. It can be called the economic and the cultural capital of the world. If you are a student who is leaving his country and deciding to settle in New York, then you are not alone.

The city welcomes thousands and thousands of students from all over the world every year. Every student that comes here to study feels like home. All the universities that are situated in this great city serve a huge population of international students.

Moreover, it is no secret that New York City has been a great attraction for the immigrants from all over the world. Such a huge number of immigrants mean that the city is comprised of a broad spectrum of cultures, languages, backgrounds, ethnicities and histories. The best part about having such a wide range of cultures living together is that the social life and the environment of the city are acceptable to everyone.

No matter what country and what culture you belong to, you will not feel alone in New York. There will be thousands just like you and all these people will empathize with your experience. This will help you in getting a sense of belonging to the city and you will be able to feel like home. When you move from your own country to another, you can be as lost as anything. So, the first thing that you should figure out is how to get from place to place. Not everyone can buy a car and even if you can, you might not want to deal with the stress of purchasing a car.

In fact, when you are coming from an economically weaker country like somewhere from Asia, paying the tuition fees alone becomes very difficult because the currency exchange turns your bundles of notes into just a few.

Therefore, most of the students want to know the easiest ways to get around in the town. This is another place where New York is better than most of the places in the world. The public transportation network in New York City is quite reliable and manageable. The students who land up in NYC do not have any transport issues. They can easily navigate the city and get to their internships, classes, jobs, homes and of course, parties.

No two human beings are exactly alike in the world. We are all different and we all have our own interests. As a student, no matter what your interests are, this great city has something to offer you. As you start exploring the city, you will find that it has great places and communities and then it will just be a matter of time that you find some group that shares your interests. You will find places where people are starting a business, joining a social cause, starting a movement, producing an idea, creating a community and doing much more.

In no time, you will realize that although you have left your home and left everyone you know behind, but you have finally come to a country that has plenty of room for you to let your ideas lose and take shape. It will be better if before actually coming here, you study a bit about this city. Read about how many social movements started from here, how many global events happen here, how many authors, actors have been from here and currently live here, how many movies are set here.

When you figure all this out, you will be sure of the fact that you are moving to a city that has tons of opportunities waiting to be explored by you. Although the international students leave their homeland to get a better education, they cannot study all the time.

There are times when you want to let it go and party and enjoy. New York gives the students a chance to do exactly this. As already mentioned, the city has something to offer to everyone. There are places in the city that a student would love to visit. If you are an art lover, then you can visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art. There are many other places as well for one to visit. The city is also famous for its various food tours. Many students visit these tours every year and enjoy the abundance of delicious cuisine that they have to offer.

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