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❶It had been a while I was hearing a lot about My Assignment Help reviews and how people are finding things genuinely convenient in regard to online assignment help and stuffs. Then I kept on chasing them, they asked for additional pays and told me the assignment will be deliver within hours.


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Please do not be put off by them. Persue the refund with PayPal and you will get your money back. These people need to be stopped. If you have submitted nothing to the uni then you have done nothing wrong. Do they even know which uni you are studying with?

Thanks for your input. PayPal decided the dispute in favour of the seller for some reason even though I explained the issue in details. I asked for their reasoning so just waiting to hear back. Hi, I am also facing the same problem.. Just go to PAY-Pal and file a claim in the resolution center. Please do not use this company. They will provide you with poorly written solutions that do not meet criteria. Then when you challenge them and try and get a refund you will receive threatening phone calls and emails.

They should not be allowed to practice their business. How exactly were you able to get your money back from PayPal. I disputed my transaction and explained the reasons but so far had no luck. What have PayPal said? You will lose your time , work and money. See how arbitrary they are working Moreover , they refused to give me back my money!!!!!!! I needed an urgent help And they helped with the best quality!!

I advise everyone who pursuing courses while working to try it once. They are a group of highly qualified professionals.

This site is very helpful. I will gonna refer to my friend as well. They try to trick you by proving how they comply with the "consumer laws".

Even if someone disputes a transaction, they have a way to get out of it. Beware, they keep postponing the assignment because that is exactly what will keep them safe. They keep telling that the solution is in "proofreading and Quality check" and keep delaying the solution.

This is exactly their tactic of being safe. I wish to give a police complaint for such fraud websites. Do not trust them. They will keep delaying work until your transaction comes through and when you dispute, they will never deny of not giving you a solution.

Instead of the solution, they will send crappy and irrelevant files. I did not receive the assignment at the requested deadline time. I contacted the seller 3 hours after the promised deadline and was told it would be delivered in 10 mins.

I did not receive the completed assignment. As of this morning, the seller is still giving me the runaround. He asked me to cancel the Paypal dispute and he will issue a refund. I canceled the Paypal dispute and the seller did not issue the refund. Paypal said since the dispute was cancelled they can not help me.

I told him to do sooner but they told it is not possible and they did not gave me refund. Thank you so much myassignmenthelp to help me out with my assignments. I have booked assignment with my assignment help and i am getting one of the best assignment.. I would recommend the site to all students seeking help in academic writing My experiences on the site were overwhelming. We could not find any information as to when or where the service was established, which made us doubt if the company is legit or not.

Because of this, we decided to evaluate the company and check if they truly provide the services they offer. Tried this service for my statistic project. The paper was okay, but no proofs for numbers and facts.

And they failed to correct it in time. So I canceled an order and still waiting for the refund, which I hope will be…. I do not like this company. They make fake promises and charge too much for the papers. We find it a bit overwhelming due to the exaggerated amount of content, but finding all information we needed was still easy. The company offers a variety of academic papers, including dissertations, essays, case studies, homework assignments, coursework, theses, MBA services, and programming.

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People looking for Australian assignment help reviews often stumble upon reviews because we have the highest customer satisfaction rating of out of 5. That is no mean feat to achieve, and we have you to thank for that/5(14K).

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I took help from for my pending assignment on Management subject. Got the complete assignment before the deadline and received excellent reviews from my supervisor as well. I would recommend everyone to opt this site for any assignment related help/queries.

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Featuring a solid, but somewhat simple design, Myassignmenthelp’s website is easy to navigate. We find it a bit overwhelming due to the exaggerated amount of content, but finding all information we needed was still easy/ I wasted $40 to buy an assignment solution from them which turned out of a very poor quality that I could not use any of it. On top of the completely irrelevant content, the report was full or grammatical and spelling mistakes/5(40).

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My Assignment Help is rated which is below average. Detected issues: writing doesn’t match Australian universities’ standards, not all subjects covered, not possible to calculate price before ordering, clients report scam and fraud activities. Nov 29,  · MyAssignmentHelp offers quite a wide range of assignment help, including essay and dissertation writing, homework help, case study help, coursework help, thesis writing, programming and MBA assistance.