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E Services Literature Review


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e-services literature review
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Huawei is a tech company that produces phones, tablets, and develops the equipment used in fixed-line networks. It is currently located throughout countries worldwide and in , it filed 3, patent applications, more than any other country in the world. The biggest competitors to Huawei is Apple and Samsung.

The future of e-service is bright but some challenges remain. The first challenge and primary obstacle to the e-service platform will be penetration of the internet. In some developing countries, the access to the internet is limited and speeds are also limited. In these cases firms and customers will continue to use traditional platforms.

The second issue of concern is fraud on the internet. Possibility of fraud will continue to reduce the utilization of the internet. The third issue is of privacy. Due to both spyware and security holes in operating systems, there is concern that the transactions that consumers undertake have privacy limitations.

For example, by stealthily following online activities, firms can develop fairly accurate descriptions of customer profiles. Possibility of privacy violations will reduce the utilizations of the internet. The final issue is that e-service can also become intrusive as they reduce time and location barriers of other forms of contract.

For example, firms can contact people through mobile devices at any time and at any place. Customers do not take like the intrusive behavior and may not use the e-service platform. Heiner and lyer, [31]. User acceptance of technology is defined according to Morris , referred by Wu , p.

For example, Huang [33] finds that most of the websites in general fail to serve users with disabilities. However, in complicated services there are needed to change some prevailed skills, such as replacing verbal skills with skill in searching for information online. This theme is concerned with establishing standards for measuring e-services or the best practices within the field.

This theme also includes the international benchmarking of e-government services UN reports, EU reports ; much critic has been targeting these reports being incomprehensive and useless.

Digital divide is considered one of the main barriers to implementing e-services; some people do not have means to access the e-services and some others do not know how to use the technology or the e-service. According to Helbig et al. Moreover, a serious e-government digital divide is that services mostly used by social elites. Most of the reports and the established criteria focus on assessing the services in terms of infrastructure and public policies ignoring the citizen participation or e-readiness.

Implied in this measure is the extent to which the usage of communications devices and Internet services creates efficiencies for business and citizens, and the extent to which this usage is leveraged in the development of information and communications technology ICT industries. As opposed to effectiveness, efficiency is focused on the internal competence within the government departments when delivering e-services. While the latter is worthwhile, efficiency must still remain a key priority for eGovernment given the budget constraints compounded in the future by the costs of an ageing population.

Security is the most important challenge that faces the implementation of e-services because without a guarantee of privacy and security citizens will not be willing to take up e-government services. These security concerns, such as hacker attacks and the theft of credit card information, make governments hesitant to provide public online services.

The rash of hacker attacks, Web page defacing, and credit card information being posted on electronic bulletin boards can make many federal agency officials—as well as the general public—reluctant to conduct sensitive government transactions involving personal or financial data over the Internet. According to them, several scholars have discussed the use of the stakeholder theory in public settings. Compared to Accessibility, There is sufficient literature that addresses the issue of usability; researchers have developed different models and methods to measure the usability and effectiveness of eGovernment websites.

However, But still there is call to improve these measures and make it more compressive [44]. In the context of biometric identification, usability referred to the smoothness of enrollment and other tasks associated with setting up an identification system. A system that produced few false matches during enrollment of applicants was described as usable. Another meaning of usability is related to the ease of use of an interface.

Although this meaning of the term is often used in the context of computer interfaces, there is no reason to confine it to computers. There is a growing concern [47] that access to a wide range of information can be dangerous within politically corrupt government agencies. Impact on Jobs and Workplaces - in the early days of computers, management scientists anticipated that computers would replace human decision-makers.

However, despite significant technological advances, this prediction is no longer a mainstream concern. At the current time, one of the concerns associated with computer usage in any organization including governments is the health risk — such as injuries related to working continuously on a computer keyboard. Government agencies are expected to work with regulatory groups in order to avoid these problems.

Potential Impacts on Society — despite some economic benefits of ICT to individuals, there is evidence that the computer literacy and access gap between the haves and have-nots may be increasing. Education and information access are more than ever the keys to economic prosperity, yet access by individuals in different countries is not equal - this social inequity has become known as the digital divide. Impact on Social Interaction — advancements in ICT and e-Technology solutions have enabled many government functions to become automated and information to be made available online.

This is a concern to those who place a high value on social interaction. Information Security - technological advancements allow government agencies to collect, store and make data available online to individuals and organizations. Citizens and businesses expect to be allowed to access data in a flexible manner at any time and from any location. Meeting these expectations comes at a price to government agencies where it concerns managing information — more specifically, ease of access; data integrity and accuracy; capacity planning to ensure the timely delivery of data to remote possibly mobile sites; and managing the security of corporate and public information.

The benefits of e-services in advancing businesses efficiency and in promoting good governance are huge; recognizing the importance of these benefits has resulted in number of international awards that are dedicated to recognize the best designed e-services.

In the section, we will provide description of some international awards. European eGovernment Awards program started to recognize the best online public service in Europe. The aim of Awards is to encourage the deployment of e-services and to bring the attention to best practices in the field.

The winners of the European eGovernment Awards [ permanent dead link ] were announced in the award ceremony that took place at the 5th Ministerial eGovernment Conference on 19 November Sweden ; the winners in their respective categories are:.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fundamental of Development Administration. Journal of Professional Services Marketing Service Excellence in Electronic Channels.

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E Services Literature Review. e services literature review The nature of public e-services and their quality dimensions. Our literature review shows that there is an abundance of published papers dealing with the E-services Literature Review e-services literature review Meet that deadline and get the grade you essay on my dream school E Services Literature Review. This study reviews the literature on e-service quality (e-SQ), with an emphasis on the methodological issues involved in developing measurement scales and issues related to the dimensionality of the e-SQ construct.

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